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For any impact-driven startup or scale-up with a mission to work on Sustainable Development Goals by using emerging technologies, The Hague is the place to be. The city offers a large network of international organizations, knowledge centres, government institutions as well as a great talent pool. The Hague is an ImpactCity, where we help innovative entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow their business. You can be part of it.

The Platform

Sign up for Softlanding The Hague and learn more about the many ways you can engage with our impact startup community. From simply staying in the loop to packing your bags and moving your business to our city.



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The Program

The Digital Softlanding Program is a newly developed online instrument to prepare impact innovation startups for their expansion to Europe through The Hague. Hereby we are geographically focusing on Indian startups because this initiative is initiated as a digital way to follow-up on the MoUs which The Hague has with the state of Karnataka and Telangana. The digital softlanding program is fully online and consists of the following four steps:


Digital Fact Finding Trip


Softlanding Training


Match Making


Ecosystem Integration

Sign Up

Startups with a good fit with our city can apply for a number of special offerings. Our selection criteria:

Solving a social or environmental pressing problem, contributing to one of the SDGs Impact-driven team with relevant experience

Competitive solution in a substantial market with a scalable model or technology. Beyond proof of concept

Clear reason for expansion to Europe, whether it’s raising capital, R&D or business development Strengthening The Hague impact-tech ecosystem

Roadmap, budget and milestones for at least a 12 months runway, including softlanding expenses like travel and accomodations.

We provide you with feedback and information about the next steps within 2-3 weeks after your application. By signing up for Softlanding The Hague programme, you also sign up for Digital Softlanding Platform.