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A large and modern collective business building, made to facilitate all manners of differently sized businesses.

HNK, short for 'Het nieuwe kantoor’ (’The new office’) is one of twelve collective business tenant buildings across The Netherlands

HNK, short for ‘Het nieuwe kantoor’ (’The new office’) is one of twelve collective business tenant buildings across The Netherlands. Their spacious The Hague location, right outside the city on a major highway, reflects their big-city ambitions. For rent are office spaces and conference rooms of differing sizes and utility. The aim of the organisation is to provide, in their words, ‘everything in the field of working’, meaning that a tenant won’t have to leave the building to get everything they need.

The focus of the HNK initiative is on attracting and supporting new startups and foreign businesses, and to facilitate their growth, whether within the The Hague location or in one of the other HNK buildings. Their multiple floors are home to, among others, temp agencies, a realtor, coaching businesses, interior designers and more, though the majority are in the more corporate categories of businesses.

While the interior is an interesting mix of corporate styling and vintage furniture, courtesy of an in-house interior decorator, the atmosphere appears professional first and foremost. The cafeteria in the foyer is referred to as the ‘Social Heart’ of the building, and the multiple conference halls and rooms that litter the first floor (for rent to both tenants and others) make the building feel lively.

Business membership allows you to work at all HNK locations across the country on workdays between 08:00 and 18:00. Office spaces come in two distinct varieties: Managed Offices (which are fully equipped and furnished) and have a set price, and Custom Offices with a price per square metres. This price can be influenced by factors such as placement within the building and others.
It's possible to change the interior, in deliberation with the owner.
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Internet available
Front desk
Private parking
Daily between 8:00 - 18:00
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Private parking available
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Steenworp Vestigingsadviseurs Haaglanden adviseert en begeleidt (startende)bedrijven bij het vinden van passende bedrijfshuisvesting in de regio Haaglanden. Aan de hand van wensen van ondernemers matchen zij vraag en aanbod. De dienstverlening van Steenworp is onafhankelijk en kosteloos.