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Nomadz: a homey atmosphere distinguishes this flexible working space, located in the Bink36 complex, from other flexible working spaces.

Working at Nomadz

Nomadz is a flexible working space that offers entrepreneurs a space to work and collaborate, and has been located in the Bink36 business center (link) for at least eight years. It’s also a success story for young entrepreneurs: its two initial owners wanted a place to work together, and started off by renting a small office in Bink36, eventually moving up to a larger office, and turning it into what Nomadz is today.

Upon entering you’re immediately greeted by the main working space, housed within one large area, with two small congress halls flanking either side of the room. The space feels large, spacious and airy, with windows along the side of the space offering up a beautiful view of the city’s characteristic skyline.

A pretty tight team of regular tenants inhabit the space. The ambiance is very informal and pleasant. There is a cafeteria downstairs, and fitting with this informal atmosphere, people often have lunch together.

In relation to the larger Bink36, Nomadz seems like a little island in and of itself, where its inhabitants like to come together and cooperate. The tenants are in fields like photography, web development and creative writing, and they tend to flock together and help each other out, though the people here stress that this isn’t a requirement – if you prefer working by yourself, that’s fine too.

This informal attitude might not make this the best place to receive distinguished guests, but for individuals looking for a pleasant, hospitable and relaxed working environment, Nomadz is certainly worth considering.

Fulltime flexible working costs € 180,- per month For the flexible working spaces there are different payment plans available, ranging from part-time to full-time. Check the website for up-to-date pricing information.
Minimum of 1 hour, with a period of notice of one month.
There's LED-lighting in the whole Bink36 building and a new temperature control system that keeps the building heated in an energy-efficient way.
Tenants can bring their own furniture, if desired. Other changes are potentially possible in deliberation with the owner.
Internet available
Private parking
Wheelchair friendly
Members have access daily between 7:00 and 22:30.
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Nomadz in short

Bink36 has a lot of parking space available.
Private parking available
Suzanne Gerbenzon
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