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PIP Den Haag: A pivotal mainstay of the The Hague nightlife and an inspiring success story of entrepreneurship in the city.

A mainstay in the nightlife of the Hague, PIP is a great example of a successful young startup in the city

A mainstay in the nightlife of the Hague, PIP is a great example of a successful young startup in the city. Their nightclub, situated right next to the train tracks leading to the central station, is often home to parties and art exhibitions, and has become an essential part of the rich tapestry of the city’s entrepreneurial network. The industrial rawness of the area contrasts with the pleasantly well-lit offices on the premises, which are part of the larger Bink36 (link) business center.

Their relation to Bink36 is intimate; they were one of the first tenants back in the day, and over time PIP itself has grown into their role of an innovative place for creative endeavours, while at the same time helping the environment around them professionalize.

The original aim for the team at PIP was to provide a new pillar in the nightlife of The Hague, by providing both established and up- and coming artists a stage. With their success came a consequent change in their aspirations and goals, which now also incorporate organising events across the city and even as far as Barcelona and Berlin.

They call the available spaces within the PIP club ‘extremely adaptable’, useable for events ranging from lectures on the creative process to, for example, an action painting workshop, on top of their weekly club nights, larger (themed) parties and art exhibitions as part of the ‘PIP Expo’ series.

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