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Regus Den Haag Centraal

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Regus Den Haag CS: A very convenient business center for commuting workers that want easy access to public transport.

Regus is notable for a remarkable fact: they’re the world’s largest provider of workspaces

Regus is notable for a remarkable fact: they’re the world’s largest provider of workspaces. With around 4000 locations in around 120 countries, they’re positively huge, and also well-represented in the city of The Hague. They lay claim to three locations here that share key characteristics yet also each offer their own, unique benefits,

The shared characteristics of all Regus locations include that each of them provide office units, flexible working spaces and a so-called co-working space. Pantries and reception services can also be found at all Regus locations, and as a Regus customer (depending on the type of contract you select), it’s even possible to get access to several or all Regus locations across the country.

Regus Den Haag CS (Central Station), then, is – as the name implies – located right in the train station, overlooking the main station concourse. The windows of the co-working space, a staple of Regus locations, offers a clear view of trains coming and going and the hustle of the commuters – though sound insulation keeps out the noise handily. For commuting entrepreneurs looking for a flexible workspace, it’s hard to imagine a more convenient option than a business center located right in the train station. The co-working space – this one larger than in most Regus locations – reflects this focus.

± €300,- per m² per year. Pricing differs based on location in the building, contract length and some other factors. See their website for up-to-date information on pricing and details.
One month contracts with a 3 months period of notice.
Tenants have 24/7 access.
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Regus Den Haag Centraal in short

Jeroen Taal
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