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Tauro President Kennedylaan

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Tauro President Kennedylaan: an upscale business center, one of three in The Hague. Classy and professional, with a brand new interior.

Tauro offers ten locations across The Netherlands, three of which in The Hague

Tauro offers ten locations across The Netherlands, three of which in The Hague. While the specific characteristics of these locations differ, there are some elements that are shared across all Tauro locations.

For example, the ground floor in all their locations in The Hague is meant to serve as a common area, and the atmosphere is businesslike yet still homey. Every location will also offer both office spaces and meeting rooms, and provide the members of the Tauro family with an upscale, fully-featured business center – also because, as a Tauro tenant, you’re welcome to come at work at any of their locations across the country. Yearly consultations with Tauro staff will determine whether tenants are still content with their accommodations.

Tauro President Kennedylaan, then, distinguishes itself from the other two The Hague Tauro locations with its newly renovated interior, where a brand-new house style has been applied. The entire ground floor (which, like all other Tauro locations, serves as a common area and meeting point) is tastefully decked out in earthy tones and beautiful furniture, providing ample corners and alcoves for tenants to meet up and collaborate. Reception at the President Kennedylaan location serves a dual purpose: they’re both receptionists and baristas, serving coffee in the upscale café. Some of the floors that comprise the building are rented to international organisations benefitting from the locations proximity to the International Court of Justice.

Pricing is dependent on the contract length and tenants' specific wishes. See their website for up-to-date pricing and details.
Tenants have 24/7 access. Regular opening hours are between 08:30 - 17:00 on weekdays.
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