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The Hague has office space of all sorts. From practical flex working places to artistic hotspots, in the inner city of The Hague, or at the industrial borders of the city, The Hague has a lot to offer to start-ups, scale-ups and young entrepreneurs.

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Anna @ LV34


Home for Digital (by eBrella)

A large, flexible working environment with deep roots in the Caballerofabriek ecosystem.

The Hague Tech

At The Hague Tech, community is more than just a buzzword. This growing community-driven workspace attracts tech-based startups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, corporations, governments and knowledge institutes.

The Hague Humanity Hub

The Hague is known internationally as the city of peace and justice. The team at the The Hague Humanity Hub intends to honor this legacy, while at the same time casting its gaze towards the future.

TSH Collab

Located right around the corner from the Hollands Spoor train station, TSH Collab is a flexible working space with plenty of additional in-house facilities. The space itself is part of the larger Student Hotel building that houses it, but functions somewhat independently.

Apollo 14

Apollo 14 in The Hague’s startup hub area ‘Binckhaven’.


Inno-port: A collective property with a focus on companies in the maritime sector.


The MOOD: An office building that’s accommodating to companies large and small.


Maakhaven offers plenty of customisable studio spaces for people in the creative industry.

De Schilde

De Schilde: a unique location focused entirely on becoming an urban farming hub in the city of The Hague.

World Trade Center

World Trade Center The Hague: One of the largest business centres in the city, with an impressive volume of facilities in-house.

Stroom Ateliers

Stroom The Hague, an independent art foundation, offers artists the option to rent studios against a reasonable price. A membership with Stroom is mandatory for this. The studios they offer at Bink36 are of the spacious and shared sort. As part of the Bink36 ecosystem they offer artists a versatile and inspiring workspace.

Duikers Derde Ambachtsschool

Duikers Derde Ambachtsschool: an office building in an old, architecturally interesting school building/National Monument, offering large spaces for rent.

International Water House

International Water House: Ideally located and offering a full-service arrangement, IWH is a business center for companies that concern themselves with ‘water’ in any way, shape or form.

AOC De Hobbit

AOC De Hobbit: A business center in the creative industry-focused Energiekwartier area, for creative professionals large and small.

AOC Laakhaghe

AOC Laakhaghe: An internationally-oriented business center in a lively neighbourhood.

Regus Den Haag Centraal

Regus Den Haag CS: A very convenient business center for commuting workers that want easy access to public transport.

Regus The Bridge

Regus The Bridge: A Regus location in a modern, beautiful building, with tenants focused on engineering and design.

Regus Parkstraat (Het Haagse Hof)

Regus Parkstraat: One of many Regus locations in the world, this business center is especially suited for international business.

See Lab

See Lab: An artist-run studio space that will grow and develop with its tenants.

Galerie Sophie

Galerie Sophie: An art gallery with flexible working spaces, available to individuals working within a culturally engaged field.


Nassauparc: a business centre with a rich history and up-scale facilities, situated in one of the monumental neighbourhoods of the city

Keu’s Genoeg

Keu’s Genoeg: A socially engaged business center with an interesting history as a pool- and billiards hall.

Tauro President Kennedylaan

Tauro President Kennedylaan: an upscale business center, one of three in The Hague. Classy and professional, with a brand new interior.

Tauro Bezuidenhoutseweg

Tauro Bezuidenhoutseweg: an upscale business center, one of three in The Hague. Classy and professional.

Tauro Koninginnegracht

Tauro Koninginnegracht: an upscale business center, one of three in The Hague. Classy and professional, open to anyone.

Harbour Business Center

Harbour Business Center: A modest and friendly yet professional business center on the harbour of Scheveningen.


Mooof: A huge business center for any entrepreneur in the fields of dance, movement, music and sports.

De Werkfabriek

De Werkfabriek: A workspace that provides like-minded entrepreneurs with more than just an office: a community.

New World Campus

New World Campus: A large collective property with a strong focus on sustainable, responsible companies that seek to better the world.


Noorderoffice: an office building that mixes classical and modern and offers an upscale location for a variety of businesses.


Zuid57: For anyone working in the creative sector, Zuid57 offers an emberassment of riches in facilities and ambiance.


Diemensie: an old school building turned modest business center, with a quiet atmosphere and a surprising amount of space.

The Hague Security Delta

HSD: Providing your company is in the security branch, HSD can provide for you in almost every way imaginable.


Igluu: A bright and modern business centre with a multitude of options and types of spaces available.


AB4: Studio spaces for artists and designers, located close to a bustling marketplace

Women’s Business Initiative

Women’s Business Initiative: Providing aid, support and information for entrepreneurs, with a focus (though not exclusively!) on entrepreneurial women.

Hart van Moerwijk

Hart van Moerwijk: part business center, part community center, for and by local entrepreneurs.

New Babylon Gardens

New Babylon Gardens: a luxurious business center with ideal locality and a hospitable, full-service approach.


DCR: a prime location for artists and other creatives, right in the middle of the thriving Energy district, a hub for art and design in The Hague.

Facilitypoint Platinaweg

Facilitypoint: a corporate business center with a friendly and welcoming attitude.


Bink36: a massive tenant building with an incredible variety of different kinds of businesses.

De Caballerofabriek

De Caballerofabriek: a bright, colorful and modern location for professional, creative individuals and businesses.

De Besturing

De Besturing: raw and industrial location for creatives and a great location for events both large and small.


A large and modern collective business building, made to facilitate all manners of differently sized businesses.

Spaces Rode Olifant

Spaces Rode Olifant is a classy, up-scale location with a luxurious amount of options for almost every type of entrepreneur or small business.

De Stadhouder

De Stadhouder provides adaptable, freely adjustable spaces, and is located in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of the city.

Het Hoofdkwartier

Het Hoofdkwartier: Stately, professional and centrally located offices with an interesting history.


LabS55 is home to a wide variety of very different companies and startups, and while a consistent styling connects these disparate elements, the variety is remarkable.

PIP Den Haag

PIP Den Haag: A pivotal mainstay of the The Hague nightlife and an inspiring success story of entrepreneurship in the city.


Nomadz: a homey atmosphere distinguishes this flexible working space, located in the Bink36 complex, from other flexible working spaces.