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The Hague has office space of all sorts. From practical flex working places to artistic hotspots, in the inner city of The Hague, or at the industrial borders of the city, The Hague has a lot to offer to start-ups, scale-ups and young entrepreneurs.

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Stroom Ateliers

Stroom The Hague, an independent art foundation, offers artists the option to rent studios against a reasonable price. A membership with Stroom is mandatory for this. The studios they offer at Bink36 are of the spacious and shared sort. As part of the Bink36 ecosystem they offer artists a versatile and inspiring workspace.

Duikers Derde Ambachtsschool

Duikers Derde Ambachtsschool: an office building in an old, architecturally interesting school building/National Monument, offering large spaces for rent.

Galerie Sophie

Galerie Sophie: An art gallery with flexible working spaces, available to individuals working within a culturally engaged field.


Diemensie: an old school building turned modest business center, with a quiet atmosphere and a surprising amount of space.


Igluu: A bright and modern business centre with a multitude of options and types of spaces available.


AB4: Studio spaces for artists and designers, located close to a bustling marketplace