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The Hague has office space of all sorts. From practical flex working places to artistic hotspots, in the inner city of The Hague, or at the industrial borders of the city, The Hague has a lot to offer to start-ups, scale-ups and young entrepreneurs.

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The Hague Tech

At The Hague Tech, community is more than just a buzzword. This growing community-driven workspace attracts tech-based startups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, corporations, governments and knowledge institutes.


Maakhaven offers plenty of customisable studio spaces for people in the creative industry.

Duikers Derde Ambachtsschool

Duikers Derde Ambachtsschool: an office building in an old, architecturally interesting school building/National Monument, offering large spaces for rent.


Zuid57: For anyone working in the creative sector, Zuid57 offers an emberassment of riches in facilities and ambiance.


AB4: Studio spaces for artists and designers, located close to a bustling marketplace


DCR: a prime location for artists and other creatives, right in the middle of the thriving Energy district, a hub for art and design in The Hague.


Bink36: a massive tenant building with an incredible variety of different kinds of businesses.

De Caballerofabriek

De Caballerofabriek: a bright, colorful and modern location for professional, creative individuals and businesses.

De Besturing

De Besturing: raw and industrial location for creatives and a great location for events both large and small.