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The Hague has office space of all sorts. From practical flex working places to artistic hotspots, in the inner city of The Hague, or at the industrial borders of the city, The Hague has a lot to offer to start-ups, scale-ups and young entrepreneurs.

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Home for Digital (by eBrella)

A large, flexible working environment with deep roots in the Caballerofabriek ecosystem.

The Hague Tech

At The Hague Tech, community is more than just a buzzword. This new community-driven workspace aims to specifically attract tech-based startups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs.

The Hague Humanity Hub

The Hague is known internationally as the city of peace and justice. The team at the The Hague Humanity Hub intends to honor this legacy, while at the same time casting its gaze towards the future.

TSH Collab

Located right around the corner from the Hollands Spoor train station, TSH Collab is a flexible working space with plenty of additional in-house facilities. The space itself is part of the larger Student Hotel building that houses it, but functions somewhat independently.

Regus Parkstraat (Het Haagse Hof)

Regus Parkstraat: One of many Regus locations in the world, this business center is especially suited for international business.

Galerie Sophie

Galerie Sophie: An art gallery with flexible working spaces, available to individuals working within a culturally engaged field.

Keu’s Genoeg

Keu’s Genoeg: A socially engaged business center with an interesting history as a pool- and billiards hall.

Tauro Koninginnegracht

Tauro Koninginnegracht: an upscale business center, one of three in The Hague. Classy and professional, open to anyone.


Diemensie: an old school building turned modest business center, with a quiet atmosphere and a surprising amount of space.


Igluu: A bright and modern business centre with a multitude of options and types of spaces available.

Spaces Rode Olifant

Spaces Rode Olifant is a classy, up-scale location with a luxurious amount of options for almost every type of entrepreneur or small business.


LabS55 is home to a wide variety of very different companies and startups, and while a consistent styling connects these disparate elements, the variety is remarkable.


Nomadz: a homey atmosphere distinguishes this flexible working space, located in the Bink36 complex, from other flexible working spaces.